Blender addons

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Interesting add-ons for Blender:

  • Animation Nodes

    Nodes! For animating!

    Tutorial series for Blender 2.78
    Tutorial series for Blender 2.80 Beta

  • BlenderKit (included with Blender)

    A free online database of materials, brushes and 3D models which you can search, download, upload and rate via our add-on directly in Blender.

  • fast carve by jayanam

    Hardsurface utility Blender addon for quick and easy boolean and bevel operations.

    Introductory video

  • Gaffer

    Helps you light your scenes by presenting all the right settings in convenient panels for quick access and experimentation. Includes HDRI support too!

    Demo video [youtube]

  • Mesh Align Plus by egtwobits

    Mesh Align Plus helps you move things around, precisely: arrange objects in your scene, align mesh parts to each other while you’re modeling, and create complex custom transformations using measurements from your models.

    In short: You choose from a basic set of operations, pick reference points, and apply custom transformations to a variety of targets. Flexible reference picking and a depth of customization enable sophisticated results.

    Video Tutorial

  • Tissue by Co-de-iT (Alessandro Zomparelli)

    Create duplicates of selected mesh to active morphing the shape according to target faces.

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