Dist::Zilla Its a wrap!

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Dist::Zilla Its a wrap!

So has it been really sixty days of blogging about Dist::Zilla and Pod::Weaver? Yes it has so here is a quick round up of what is where.

  • No Such thing as Moose-Zilla!
  • Mmm! Dist::Zilla Tea
  • ‘Dist::Zilla’ A Bath for Your Distro
  • Dist::Zilla Check License
  • Dist::Zilla Set B Scene 169 Take 2A
  • Send in New Dist::Zilla!!
  • Dist::Zilla: Feeling Better after Smoke
  • Dist::Zilla Like Chores
  • Dist::Zilla Likes Change
  • Dist::Zilla Takes To POD

Part 2

  • Dist::Zilla Takes Instructions
  • Dist::Zilla VCS Opps!
  • Dist::Zilla Do Kwallitee Test
  • Dist::Zilla Likes Critic
  • Dist::Zilla Likes Toys
  • Dist::Zilla In The Sky
  • Dist::Zilla Sorry Today
  • Dist::Zilla Hates Bugs
  • Dist::Zilla Get More Friends
  • Dist::Zilla Improved POD
  • Is this the End for Dist::Zilla

Part 3

  • Dist::Zilla Plan
  • Very Little Dist::Zilla
  • Dist::Zilla Party Time
  • Dist::Zilla is Sad or is that Happy?
  • Dist-Zilla Hates Tidy
  • Dist::Zilla Does Pod
  • Dist::Zilla Goes to SKULE
  • No Dist::Zilla
  • He’s Back!!!
  • Dist::Zilla and Weaver. Play Nice!

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